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I’ll admit, I am not all knowing in the world of wine, and honestly, no one is. Wine is, after all, an ever-evolving world of information. There are many who are passionate about this ancient beverage, and, just as with history, people have different interpretations of and perspectives about it, whether with regard to winemaking, wine drinking or wine intelligence.

I have been in the wine industry for the past 10 years, owning my own wine company since late 2011 and tasting and enjoying wine for longer than that. During the moments I have worked the floor in a wine-focused establishment, my goal has always been to understand different perspectives and how people articulate wine as a whole. And this journey has been an eye opener. What I’ve realized is that most people who want to learn about wine find wine professionals to be condescending and the whole exercise intimidating.

This book is all about allowing people and observers of wine to get deeper into the juice without feeling like a wine professional is talking down to them. This is also for the folks that know a little something about wine but still lack some basic terminology about regions and grape varieties. If you’re someone who loves wine and the history behind the juice, but for whatever reason, refuse to trust a sommelier or winemaker to educate you about certain things, I get it. Allow this book to help you on your journey of wine knowledge, because in the end, I just want to help and provide perspective in this Wild West world of wine.

Lastly, if you’re passionate about wine but have no idea how to truly articulate those feelings, I hope this book helps you find the correct lingo and know that you have found a kindred soul on this slippery slope we call the wine industry.

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